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When it is time to repaint a home's exterior or interior, one topic that is frequently debated is whether to hire professional painting contractors or to do it oneself. When the homeowner tackles the job, it may turn out okay, but there is no guarantee that the paint will dry properly or last as long as the product labeling suggests. When a do-it-yourself project is encountered, it may need to be re-done sooner, rather than later.


Painting is our primary line of work at Kantu Painting.  Our expert painters will get the job done right and you will enjoy your new exterior and/or interior colors more knowing that it will last for years to come.  We have the right equipment, know-how and skills to ensure a perfect, long-lasting coat.  We will work with you to determine the perfect color combinations for your desired effect using Sherwin Williams line of superior paints.

Can I Paint It Myself?


Of course the answer to this is yes.  But there are a lot of considerations before you do.  You may save money in the short term but in terms of proper preparation, tools needed and experience, you may be pleasantly surprised its cheaper in the long run to hire a professional painter like Kantu Painting.

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Benefits of hiring Kantu Painting for all your interior and exterior painting needs.



Depending on the amount of preparation required and number of rooms to be painted, the painting job can become very time consuming for the non-professional painter. It can take days or even weeks for the novice. Those without an extra helper or two will take even longer.



Choosing the right type of paint and surface preparation are critical to a quality paint job. A pro knows when to use which products. Factors include temperature, humidity, type of surface, paint quality, present surface color and whether a special additive must be mixed in to prevent future problems.



Aside from making some people nervous, high ceilings are a challenging area to paint. Proper equipment is needed to do a quality job and create minimal mess. A scaffold, drop cloths, roller extension and appropriate lighting are all necessary to paint high ceilings and surfaces.


Physical Ability

Painting sounds like a simple project until someone attempts it. Someone must be in reasonably decent physical shape to complete an indoor or outdoor paint job. The hands must be strong enough to hold a roller, paint gun or brush for as long as necessary. This may cause some people's arms to get tired after just a few hours. Being able to balance while applying paint is difficult for some people. Having a contractor may prevent homeowners from having sore arms, legs, necks and feet later.



Painting is considered a tedious chore in some households. Especially where detail work and patience are required, paint jobs may be best left to a professional contractor. The workers can do the work while the homeowner enjoys the benefits of a bright, clean home.



Knowing how to get the job done swiftly, safely and with minimal mess can be the determining factor in who does the job - a contractor or an individual. House painters that are insured are likely to have the know-how to get the home painted and make it look fresh and new.

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